Data intelligence is a journey. These steps will get you there.

On the road to becoming data-driven, many organizations still struggle to connect analytics to action. Lack of an orchestrated decision-making cycle, data silos, and unconsolidated data views hinder business growth and competitiveness.

Actionable Insights are a prerequisite for sustainable business growth and competitive differentiation—providing the knowledge needed for streamlined decision-making, 360-degree customer view, demand forecasting, efficient root-cause analysis, and outcome-driven transformations.

To achieve operational intelligence—enterprises need a comprehensive ecosystem to align strategic data initiatives with technology, as well as the needs of the business, and users. The ecosystem should include all of the necessary tools, processes, and roles for accelerated infusion of actionable data and insights—at scale.

In this interview with Taras Bachynskyy, Director of Big Data & Analytics—we discuss the preconditions, components, and solutions needed for forward-thinking enterprises to build an actionable insights ecosystem and achieve sustainable, competitive excellence.