Optimize routine workflows while reducing interpretation bias, time, and costs.

Traditional well log processing and interpretation workflows are time-consuming and becoming obsolete because of the overwhelming amount of data companies possess. To respond, oil and gas companies are shifting from manual to semi-manual or fully automated processing. AI is a significant catalyst behind this change.

Machine predicted lithology and other AI interpretations based on well logging data are becoming the new norm. With cutting-edge machine learning technologies, companies can de-risk and automate numerous routines to achieve human-like performance. This results in significant optimization of workflows, costs, time inputs, and resources.

In this whitepaper, the SoftServe energy team introduces an automation pipeline for well-logging data processing, standardization, and machine lithology interpretation. It addresses modern upstream challenges, including:

  • Data conditioning and preparation for further AI use cases
  • Knowledge capture and transfer for an aging workforce
  • Increases in productivity and decision-making quality
  • Stable results with no bias and opinion constraints
  • Freeing employees to pursue strategic tasks