Connected strategies enable better bank innovation

The long-term success of any organization depends on more than its ability to innovate. It also must deploy its resources to bring the best new products and services to market, as quickly as possible, for maximum financial impact. This requires a great deal of focus from the teams that ideate and those that run the business. Together, they have to make sure that new ideas are designed to deliver the breakthrough results the business wants. They also have to allocate resources quickly and efficiently to make this achievement happen in the right time frame. The success of this approach hinges on the organization’s ability to connect its new ideas to the business’ go-to-market strategies and hyper-focus investment resource utilization on only those ideas.

For banks in particular, transforming new product, service and business model ideas into business results has long been a challenge.

This White Paper, produced with American Banker, examines the strategies, tactics and partnerships that enable banks to make a success of innovation projects.