Finance Firms Poised to Raise IT Spending on Customer UX

Financial institutions are prioritizing investment in customer experience (UX) capabilities in what is seen as a key “inflection point” behind new IT-led growth initiatives, new primary research shows.

We at SoftServe are delighted to share with you in this White Paper the findings of the research undertaken on our behalf by Finextra. These reveal a genuine and growing appetite by banks and insurers to invest more in making customers’ online engagements easier and more fulfilling.

Many of the responses show banks now see this point of customer engagement as a critical competitive differentiator that can not only increase efficiency but grow revenues. There is a recognition that investment in these resources has not been enough and that customers now expect a more personalised and intuitive response from their financial providers.

But it was not a surprise to see the responses also show that to deliver these new capabilities banks are having to tackle legacy IT issues and regulatory concerns. It is something many of our clients have already discovered can be overcome by working with trusted and experienced partners, which is a service we look forward to continuing to provide.