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How can you build an intelligent, data-driven enterprise?

    • Global digitalization continues to accelerate as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this new digital world, the question is not if, but how, businesses should adapt and transform amidst disruption and lockdown.

      Business value is driven by innovative software, platforms, and services, prompting the following questions for leaders across industries of all kinds:
    • How can I leverage the value of data?
    • What does digital transformation mean for my organization?
    • Why is information technology becoming the new operating system of my company?
    • How is technology hierarchy impacting my business?
    • What new technology can help my employees make informed decisions?
    • What place do agility and modular architectures have in my organization?
      • If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, join our event to get the answers you need!

        Mark your calendar for June 16 at 2 pm BST / 3 pm CEST.

        We’ll walk through key aspects of creating a data-driven organization. You will leave this event with an unique view on critical topics such as data strategy and a data-driven culture.

        Join other technology leaders who aspire to build a data-driven culture, successfully navigate digital transformation, break data silos, and modernize technologies.

      • Read the Article: English | Deutsche
        The Network: The New Infrastructure of our Future Prosperity


  • 15 min: SoftServe Speakers
  • 15 min: Vena Speakers
  • •  10 min: Intro to the Game
  • 35 min: Break out session – Data-Driven Culture Game
  • 15 min: Q+A/Debrief/Summary/Wrap up


  • Rodion

    Data Architect and Consultant



    Rodion Myronov has nearly 20 years of data technology experience. Beginning with FoxPro2.6 for DOS, he followed the traditional route of becoming an MS SQL Server and Oracle developer, DBA, and trainer before becoming a team leader and independent consultant. Rodion has also worked on data warehousing and ETL projects based on Redshift, Hadoop, Big Query, and Netezza. He’s collaborated on multiple projects as an architect and consultant, including data lake and data warehouse systems design, assessments, and complex migrations as well as developing data governance frameworks. Today, Rodion manages the direction of AWS projects within SoftServe’s Big Data and Analytics Center of Excellence.

  • Roy 

    WW Analytics Specialist


    Roy Hasson is WW Analytics Specialist leader at Amazon Web Services, where he helps transform organizations using data, analytics and machine learning. Roy serves as an expert advisor to customers across all industries to transform their business and become a data driven organization by building a cloud native modern data architecture on AWS. He is also a product leader driven by voice-of-the-customer to guide the development of new innovative services and user experiences for AWS. Prior to AWS, Roy spent 15 years working with tier 1 service providers to design and deploy large scale data systems used to serve today’s cable modem, voice over IP and wireless data services.