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As data grows, healthcare organizations need software solutions that can manage rapidly changing information structures in a more context-specific and patient-oriented way.


Here at SoftServe, we understand your need to optimize the growing mountains of data you possess. There’s more to it than delivering additional revenue – healthcare companies are now in a position to deliver a superior patient experience.

Our Human 360 platform specifically enables healthcare organizations to do just that. Using software components that can be customized to fit your particular needs, each rapidly builds a variety of reliable, secure solutions that convert diverse and disconnected data into reliable insights.


Read our latest white paper to learn how our Human 360 solutions answer the most common needs of our healthcare clients:

  • DataForm – create and send medical forms for collecting data
  • BodyData – make data available across digital devices
  • DataConnect – aggregate data across dissimilar platforms
  • DataMask – gather information within HIPAA parameters
  • DataProcess – analyze healthcare data
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