Transform FSI with AI and Trustworthy LLM

Specialist AI speakers from Dell, NVIDIA & SoftServe, explain how to achieve faster innovation using full stack software and acceleration platforms, leading to lower TCO and increased revenue, while reclaiming energy costs.

Learn more about how banks and insurers are on the cusp of embracing these new capabilities. 

We have experienced nothing less than the ‘iPhone moment of AI’. For the first time in history, a single app had 100M users in less than 2 months: ChatGPT. The leading infrastructure company behind this is NVIDIA, who will show how it is now possible for banks to build their own enterprise Large Language Models (LLM), securely leveraging company-owned sensitive and private data. 

We will address the characteristics of trustworthy AI systems and how developing and deploying those large models can be in the bank’s own data centre or on cloud/hybrid powered by Dell Technologies. 

SoftServe will demonstrate not only how users can build such large models, but also how avatars, Digital Assistants and humans can be empowered by the intelligence behind them.